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brie walle

Brie Walle


Tuebingen, Germany

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Brie knew some German and about German culture before she went there so she had an easy time but she says people in Germany don't say "Hi" unless they know you well and ask how you are unless they really want to know which took her a while to adjust to. She also thinks the pace of life in Germany is very fast. She joined the University soccer team as soon as she go there. She met a girl who was from Italy and some weekend she visited her in Milan and played soccer in a 24-hour tournament. It started 5pm on Saturday, and it went 5pm on Sunday. She was the only American there, but she had a good time with her friends. She had an internship at Adidas. After she came back to the US, she realized that she is happy she was born in the US. Through study abroad, she saw many people and places and thought some people grew up harder than she did, and she feels safe and comfortable in this country.


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